FIVE time-saving resources and tools


Be more productive this year with these
FIVE time-saving resources and tools


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I’m a student of productivity and effectiveness. I’m obsessed with tools and exercises to
help myself and others do more with the limited time they have. When writing the post
you were reading, I thought it’d help to include the five tools that I use to get things done.
Enjoy, and let us know if you have questions.
Tom Tate, AWeber
1.Pomodoro Technique – Tomato Timer
One thing that kept me from achieve my goals is wasting my time, or never knowing
where all my time went. That was before I discovered this amazing app.
Tomato Timer is a free online tool that uses a simple technique known as Pomodoro. This
method of focusing on one, or a few tasks intently for 25 minutes at a time has been a
game-changer for me. You can read more about the Pomodoro Technique at Lifehacker .

Too much to do. That was my issue until I broke down my projects onto a visual board.
Trello is a free online tool to help you visualize, organize, and execute your projects.
(They have a paid tier as well.) I use Trello on the web, and with their mobile apps to
organize big projects that I’m working on. I can create a “board” for each project, and
break down the project tasks into “cards.” I then move the cards across the boards
“To-Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” columns.
The feeling of moving a task into the “Done” column is incredibly rewarding.

Getting things done… check!
An alternative to Trello is Asana . Asana is also a project and task management system,
but it’s a bit more linear. I used to consider it the checklist to rule all checklists.
This app will give your checklists super-powers. They recently developed a “board” system
similar to Trello’s. Asana is free-to-use, and there are some paid options, as well.

4.Google Calendar
Protect your time with a solid calendar app.
Whether you use Outlook, Apple’s calendar, or Google Calendar, it’s important to
understand how you are using your time, and protect your personal work time. If you
feel like your time is always booked by others, and you can’t get in the zone, try using
Google Calendar to reserve blocks of time just for you. If you like to spend the first 25
minutes of your day planning or managing your inbox, set a recurring meeting every day
to do so. This lets others know that you wish for them to respect that time, and it’s a
healthy reminder for you to maintain a consistent routine.


Never forget anything.
SimpleNote is exactly what it sounds like, a simple way to create and sync basic notes.I used it to jot down anything, to-do’s, ideas, grocery lists, numbers I need to add anything. This will sync across your computers, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets, so
my notes are with me all the time. Once in Simplenote, I can make sure everything gets
done, and nothing gets forgotten.

Good luck this year setting your email marketing resolutions and being as productive as
possible! Keep in touch with your friends at AWeber.

Tony Mitchell

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